Take a Letter



Bob Holness

Jenny Hull


Granada for ITV, 10 January 1962 to 24 June 1964 (about 100 episodes)

Action Time for UK Living, 1997 (may not be linked to original show)


To be completed


Created by David Housham.


Holness got the job shortly after arriving in Britain from South Africa. His background was in theatre and radio, although he was a complete novice to television. However, that was hardly a problem, because, as he once revealed in an interview, they wanted a host who hadn't been seen on TV before in any case.

Each week in the original version, there was a viewers question set for a £5 prize. In a particular week 980,000 entries were received.


Image:Take a letter bob holness.jpg King Bob on the original Take a Letter set.
Picture 2 - The new Take a Letter set.
Picture 3 - Jenny Hull.


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