Television Top of the Form



Geoffrey Wheeler (1962-75 and 2006) with David Dimbleby (1962), Paddy Feeny (1963-6)


BBC Television, 25 April 1953 (special, as Top of the Form)

BBC1, 1962-75

BBC Four, 2006 (one-off)


This was the TV version of Top of the Form, the popular radio quiz for secondary schools. The contest was between two teams of four, with a requirement that the team members must be of different ages. The show initially had a rather unusual setup, involving a link-up between two separate schools with two questionmasters, one for each team.


Although a regular series didn't emerge until 1962, Top of the Form was first broadcast on TV as a one-off special on 25 April 1953. An all-boys team from Marylebone Grammar School played an all-girls team from Sheffield High School.

Judith Chalmers was originally lined up to co-present, but was vetoed by The Powers That Be on the grounds that a woman wouldn't have the authority required of a questionmaster.

A one-off international match was held in 1965, between teams representing England and Germany. Full international competition was held in Transworld Top Team from 1967.

Theme music

"Marching Strings" by Marshall Ross, performed by Ray Martin and His Concert Orchestra.

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Geoffrey Wheeler handling questions for Dumfries


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