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== Host ==
== Host ==
Aiden J. Harvey (non-broadcast pilot)
Jerry Stevens
Jerry Stevens

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Aiden J. Harvey (non-broadcast pilot)

Jerry Stevens


BBC2, 24 December 1984 to 2 January 1985 (8 episodes in 1 series)


This bizarre quiz featured three teams, each of which started with 28 points and had to get to zero. The number of points "scored" depended on whether they chose and correctly answered an easy, medium or hard question.

They could refer to the "Vox Pop Jury" (three bleary-eyed people dragged out of the audience) for half points. The trouble was the panel was often more useless than the contestants! Every time a question was answered correctly, a very annoying jingle would play as the scoreboard changed.


Recorded at BBC Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham.

Winners received a television and a sweatshirt saying "I beat the Telly Quiz".


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