That's My Dog



Derek Hobson


Westward for ITV, early 1980s

TSW for ITV, 1984-8


Game show that tries to determine whose dog is best. Well, it's original!

There was the obligatory dog assault course (because that's what dogs do), and there was a maze, the idea of which was that the dog had to find their way out but without being side-tracked by the food that's in the middle. The winning team got a chance to win lots (well, a bit) of money by trying to get their dog to pick a predetermined object (purse, handerchief or somesuch) that their owner had handled beforehand.

The set of That's My Dog, complete with mechanical scoreboards

Now, without this show there would never have been any Superdogs and Peter Purves would have been out of a job, so let's celebrate, eh?

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Picture 1 - This is either (a) a hostess explaining a "dog pampering" prize or (b) a lecherous way for the producer to get a semi-naked lady on TV.
Picture 2 - A dog. So now you know what one looks like.


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