The 64,000 Question



Jerry Desmond

Robin Bailey (The 64,000 Challenge)


64,000 Question: ATV, 19th May 1956 to 18th January 1958 (80 episodes)

64,000 Challenge: ATV, 15th June 1957 to 31st August 1957 (7 episodes)


A phenomenally successful version of the American original, which ran live every week and helped cement the new ITV's place as Britain's favourite channel.

Contestants would choose a specialist subject, and answer questions of increasing value - a single question on their subject for 100 and 500, a two-part question for 1000 and 2000, three parts for 4000, four for 8000, five parts for 16,000, six for 32,000, and a question of no fewer than seven parts for the 64,000 top prize.

With each contestant returning on up to six shows, audience interest built to a crescendo.

In summer 1957, the most successful contestants to date faced The 64,000 Challenge. Members of the public would challenge them head-to-head on their specialist subjects for cash prizes.


Based on The $64,000 Question


The original prize was 64,000 sixpences £1,600), doubling late in 1956 to 64,000 shillings £3,200)


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