The Big Fat Quiz of the Year



Jimmy Carr


Zeppotron for Channel 4, 2004-6

Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, Hot Sauce for Channel 4, 2 November 2007


Much as the title suggests, this is a comedy quiz about the year just gone - mainly to ensure Jimmy Carr has no day off. Ever. Six questions are asked about two months of the year in turn, with answers scribbled down using electronic pens. The answers are then revealed and scored. Guests come on at various points to liven up the proceedings.

Quite good knockabout fun, even if the swearing will make our Mum blush like a beetroot. Incidentally, we thought we were anal until we found the Wikipedia entry for this show. Hooray for Internet-addicted teenagers!





2007 The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz:


Suspiciously, the first BFQOTY in 2004 was produced by Jonathan Ross's wife, Jane Goldman.

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