The Big Painting Challenge



Richard Bacon and Una Stubbs (2015)

Mariella Frostrup and Richard Coles (2017-)


Lachlan Goudie
Daphne Todd
David Dibosa (2017-)


BBC Arts for BBC One, 22 February 2015 to present


10 amateur artists compete to be crowned Britain's best painter.

A touring show, telling stories about the artists as much as their artwork. Hosts Una Stubbs and Richard Bacon look at local artwork and the week's subjects.

Lachlan Goudie and Daphne Todd decide the winner, and Lachlan offers his expert tips on how to draw.

After the series, work by the finalists went on show at Tate Britain.

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2015 Paul Bell

Theme music

Theo Vidgen was credited as "composer".


Commissioned under the working title The Big Picture.


Tie-in book by Rosa Roberts

Web links

BBC programme page (Series 1)

BBC programme page (Series 2)

BBC Learning made resources for schools

Judges' websites: Lachlan Goudie and Daphne Todd

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