The Bridge



James McAvoy (narrator)


Workerbee and Zeppelin for Channel 4, 11 October 2020 to present


A Channel 4 press release said:

Twelve strangers have come together on the banks of a lake in the beautiful British countryside, with one thing in common – they want to win a life-changing sum of money. They know nothing about the epic challenge that awaits them or what they’ll need to do to win the cash.
£100,000 lies on an island in the middle of a lake and the twelve must build an 850ft bridge by hand within 20 days in order to reach the prize. It may sound simple but a series of twists and turns along the way offer moral dilemmas, spark rivalries, and put their ability to work together as a team to the test.

If the team does manage to reach the island within 20 days, they have the chance to take home the £100,000 – but must decide amongst themselves who deserves it most. The winner can then decide to share the money with some or all of the others.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


Based on Spanish show El Puente.


Nothing to do with the card game bridge, nor with the Nordic crime drama.


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