The Great British Quiz


Janice Long (original host)

Philip Hayton


BBC 1, 31 January 1994 to 24 October 1995 (111 episodes in 3 series)


Off-beat afternoon quiz that was mostly memorable for its Irish-jig theme music and its very bizarre sculpted set designed by a renowned (read: anonymous) provincial architect. Think giant coloured shoelaces.

Two teams of three competed in a competition with highest scoring teams on a leader board coming back for a series of knockout finals. The 1995 winning team won a holiday to Newcastle - no, not in this country, but in Australia - well, it was only fair that the overall prize should be something exotic! Links to Britain in some of the questions were very tenuous. During the Philip Hayton-era at least, the show was essentially a remake of Masterteam, albeit with a few additional features. Other than that, no other features particularly stick in the memory - buzzer, individual and team rounds were trotted out one after the other.


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