The Satellite Game



David Learner as Larry the Robot


Broadsword for Galaxy, 5 May to 24 November or 1 December 1990 (38 episodes)


The Satellite Game has been described by creator Tim Child as "Not completely awful, but fairly dreadful!" The virtual reality used was in its infancy, which caused a 'reverse ferret' on introducing the technology into Knightmare. They used chromakey instead to much success.


The game aired as a show-within-a-show portion of the Saturday afternoon magazine programme Cool Cube (produced by Granada, if you must know).

Broadsword later created the shows Cyberzone and Virtually Impossible which did use VR.

It was broadcast on The Galaxy Channel, one of the channels operated by BSB (British Sky Broadcasting). The show came off air immediately after BSB was bought by its rival Sky.


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