The Sky's the Limit

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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
Yorkshire, 1971-74
Yorkshire for ITV, 10 July 1970 to 5? July 1974

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Hughie Green


Monica Rose and Katya Wyeth

Adjudicator: Ann Meo


Yorkshire for ITV, 10 July 1970 to 5? July 1974


A sort of travel-themed variation on Hughie Green's earlier hit Double Your Money, with contestants answering questions on geography with the prize holiday getting more impressive the more they got right - a similar principle (though with completely different gameplay) to that used to determine the prize in Winning Lines thirty years later. The top prize was 21,000 miles and £600 spending money.


Vic Hallums

Theme music

Specially composed for the show, sung by Simplicity.


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