The Wall



Danny Dyer


Angela Rippon


Remarkable (an EndemolShine company) for BBC One, 12 October 2019 to present


According to the contestant application form:

The Wall is the ultimate combination of strategy and knowledge.
Wildly unpredictable with heart-stopping jeopardy, The Wall gives and The Wall takes away. Expect colossal wins and heart-breaking losses, in this new game show that really can change people’s lives in an instant.
In this game, pairs need the right answers the right bounces and cast-iron trust in one another to win a life-changing cash prize.

Questions are voiced by newsreader Angela Rippon.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


An original format created by SpringHill Entertainment and Andrew Glassman's Glassman Media in collaboration with Universal Television Alternative Studio.


The BBC's initial press release trumpeted, "First shown on NBC in America in 2016. The most travelled format of 2017 and 2018, The Wall is an international hit and has sold to 24 territories around the globe."


Voted the Best New Show in this site's Poll of 2019

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Weaver's Week review... of the French version, two years before the BBC show was commissioned. And, eventually, of the BBC version


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