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(Review's based on the Week. Could use attention from someone who understands movies.)
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Alan Carr


CPL Productions and Motion Content Group for Sky One, 2 May 2019 to present


Alan Carr hosts a fun-packed show that puts comedians and actors' film trivia to the test.

Regular rounds include the one where Alan and Mickey or Michael re-create a famous scene from a movie, exploring how the scenes work with a drama coach. In the studio, the invited guests improvise a scene based on other famous clips. There are questions based on, yes, more famous film clips, and the guests discuss their own life in movies.

There's Something About Movies was loosely based on A League of Their Own from the same production company. It's a very similar style, it treats the art form with equal amounts of love and cheeky disrespect.

And with a bright and colourful studio.

While there's barely a game in the show, There's Something About Movies is certainly worth a watch. It's an entertainment show, doing unfamiliar things with familiar clips. Mickey Hutton is in his element, Michael Sheen adds some necessary gravitas.

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