Alex Jones and Morgan Jones


Commentator: Wyn Gruffydd


Presentable for S4C, 2006-7


TV adaptation of a traditional pub bluffing game, derived from the Victorian parlour game Up Jenkins!, in which two teams of three face each other across a table and guess in which of the six hands opposite them an item, known as the tipit, is hidden. A clue to the potential appeal of this game may lie in the fact that it's being made by Presentable, the TV poker specialists. We just like saying Up Jenkins!.

A very similar game is also popular in Iraq. This couldn't be the world's first game show format to travel from Iraq to Wales, could it? Could it?

The show has been heavily criticised in Wales for being too over the top and lavish for what it is but somehow, S4C thought the idea was so good that they originally commissioned it for two series. Once the two-series run was up (and Peter Serafinowicz took the opportunity to ridicule the very thought of a game show like this), they decided upon commissioning more interesting programmes.

Web links

S4C's Tipit site

Honestly, we're not kidding about Up Jenkins!

Mhebiss, also transliterated as Mahabis, the Iraqi version of Tipit.


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