To Me... To You...



The Chuckle Brothers (a.k.a. Paul and Barry Elliott)


BBC 1, 21 June 1996 to 25 December 1998 (39 episodes in 3 series + 2 specials)


Daft but somewhat endearing kid's TV slapstick duo come good in this overgrown board game. Cleverly used the 'Brothers existing "to me... to you..." catchphrase, and the biggest dice (sorry, die) that you've ever seen.

You should have seen the size of the shaker.

Basically, it was a tug-of-war, so (for example) rolling "3 to you" on the die meant the "prize trolley" went three spaces towards your opponent's "home" square on a semi-circular track. Getting the trolley to your home space meant you won all the prizes on it, and the trolley was reset to the centre with new prizes. Occasional special squares and rolls triggered stunts and games with a guest celeb.

Makes the Wheel of Fortune look a bit puny, doesn't it?

Good fun, even for the grown ups.

Speaking of grown-ups, these people must be adults now. Give us our years back!

Key moments

High production values that would put many an adult show to shame.


"To me... to you..."


Clips from a 1998 episode.

More clips from a 1998 episode.


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