Treasure Hunt (1)



Kenneth Horne

Keith Fordyce

David Rogers


Jethro (as a pirate)


Westward Television 1961-78? (not networked, but also on Channel TV from 1965)


Contestants had the opportunity to win the Golden Key, worth £100. There was cash to be won and booby prizes too.

There were five questions on your chosen subject. If you got a question right a light flashed on a coastal map of the West Country and you won the amount of money shown. That amount (ranging approx, between £2 and £10) also went to the relevant lifeboat station.

There were two major prizes: the golden galleon which was a boat with three portholes. You chose one of these if you got the golden galleon instead of a cash amount. One porthole had £5, one 50 bottletops and the other had £50. The major prize was the golden key. If you were lucky enough to get this you won £100.


At some point, Treasure Hunt was hosted by the Westward TV presenter and former husband of Judi Spiers, David Rogers.

(In)famous Cornish comedian Jethro made his TV debut on Treasure Hunt playing a pirate co-host.

The Golden Galleon was based on the Westward TV logo which was a model of the Golden Hind.


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