Treble Chance



Brian Johnston

Tim Gudgin

Alun Williams


Regular panellists included: Nan Winton, Ted Moult, Neil Durden-Smith, Charles Gardner, Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, Pamela Donald, John Jacques, Jill Bechley and Liz Ferris


BBC Home Service / Radio 4, 1962 - early 70s

Forces Chance 1964 to late 1970s


The radio replacement for Sporting Chance was a general knowledge quiz, in which the panel toured seaside resorts, trying to beat the local brainboxes. After 1967, the seaside theme was dropped and the series toured universities instead. Forces Chance was the same format, but travelled internationally to pit the resident panel against members of the armed forces. The title referred to the fact that there were three styles of question: ordinary Q&A, true or false, and spelling.


Michael Tuke-Hastings


A Treble Chance Quiz Book was published.

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Image:Treble chance regulars.jpgSome of the regulars


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