Nigel Mitchell


Scottish TV for CITV, 2001


After a successful ten year run, Scottish TV decided to stop making Fun House and decided to instead make a show that was a bit like it but not as good. It had the big runaround adventure playground set. It even had a go-karting track (although it might have been mini 4x4s, come to think).

For some reason the show was based around the idea of Twisters, that most American of names for the traditional tornado. After each round, the losing team could gamble ten points in a bid to "twist" the scores around by chosing either the positive or negative main electrical tower things (yes, physics is fun kids) and then seeing what happened.

The end game involved running round the towers in order against the clock whilst all sorts of rain, snow and wind effects made things difficult and interesting. Except it wasn't nearly as interesting as Fun House was and it only got one series.


Twister was produced at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow.

See Also

Get Wet which like Twister was a one series wonder featuring an exciting run-around-a-structure end game, but unlike Twister was actually really good.


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