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(Synopsis: Nope, shown across pretty much the whole country (though HTV showed it later in the year and I think LWT dropped it))
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Bernard Manning


Charles Collingwood


Southern for ITV, 18 July to 29 August? 1981


Bernard Manning presenting a quiz show? What on earth were they thinking? In fact, the quiz proper was hosted by Charles Collingwood (later to be a sidekick of Noel's Telly Addicts for a couple of series).

Collingwood asked questions while Manning made his usual hilarious gags, and they had a prize of a Bernard Under Manning award, which had the acronym of... oh, dear.

Gee, this quality format only lasted one series. They couldn't make anymore because Southern Television was about to lose their franchise - an announcement they made the year beforehand. So, why they persisted on going ahead with this, we'll never know.


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