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== Host ==
== Host ==
Male announcer: ''Not known''<br>
Male voiceover: Tudur Owen<br>
Female announcer: [[Mari Lovgreen]]
Female voiceover: [[Mari Lovgreen]]
== Co-hosts ==
== Co-hosts ==

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Male voiceover: Tudur Owen
Female voiceover: Mari Lovgreen


The clowns: Plinc iti Plonc, Plinc iti Plinc, Phillippe Jean-Pierre


Dimegoch/Antena Television for S4C, 2005-7


5-minute show broadcast on half-term mornings. Looks and sounds a little bit like short lived mid-eighties favourite How Dare You! but in Welsh, from the video clips. With a bit of Get Your Own Back for good measure.


A 30-minute documentary was produced in 2005 going behind the scenes of the programme.

Recorded at Antena's studios on the Cibyn Industrial Estate in Caernarfon.

Web Site

In English AND in Welsh! Includes clips. Requires Macromedia Flash.

Wikipedia entry


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