What's it All About? (1)



Brian Johnston (radio)

Nicholas Parsons (TV)

Leslie Mitchell (stand-in, TV)


Griselda Hervey (TV version)

Regular panel (radio): Celia Johnson (first four episodes), Iris Ashley (replaced Johnson), Dulcie Gray, Lionel Gamlin, Guy Ramsey

Regular panel (TV): Kenneth Horne, Celia Johnson, Dilys Powell


BBC Light Programme, 18 May to 21 September 1954

Associated-Rediffusion, 1955


Listeners sent in cards telling the tale of an event that had happened to them. The panel worked out how and why.


Despite being Nicholas Parsons' first TV hosting job, it gets all of three sentences in his autobiography. His assessment: "It had a lot of publicity, ran for thirteen weeks, but was not really successful. It was too similar to What's My Line?, and not as good."


John P. Wynn


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