Who Dares Wins



Nick Knowles


12 Yard for BBC One, 2007


National Lottery tie-in in which teams bid for the opportunity to list a certain number of things in a given category, a bit like Ask No Questions crossed with the auction round in Wipeout.

There are two teams, each team made up of two strangers paired up by the producers. The teams sit in soundproof booths. The host reads out a category, and the teams bid in turn on how many things they can name in that category. Whichever team "wins" this auction then name those things until either they win the round by fulfilling their bid, or lose by running out of answers or giving a wrong one.

The game is best of three lists. If the first two lists are split, then the third list is played differently, with no bidding and the teams answering alternately until one is knocked out.

The winning team then goes through to the money list, worth up to £50,000 (between the two). The aim is to name 15 things in a given category, with prize money increasing at every third correct answer. A wrong answer wipes out the prize money for that list.

The winning team stays on to face new challengers and in theory there is no cap on how many games they can play, although we strongly suspect one would be imposed if a team proved invincible.

This UK-originated format has already been made around the world under its original title of The Rich List and you're right - Who Dares Wins is an appalling title that says nothing about the format and could equally have been applied to practically any game show ever made. And what's more, brings back memories of Rory McGrath on Channel 4 back in the eighties. We tried to warn them, you know...


Jim Cannon, Andy Culpin, Sam Pollard and David Young


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