Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Results 2


Includes results for the 1998 Christmas Day special.



Last question attempted

(correct answer in bold)


Actual winnings


Dave Reagan


Q) In 1847, the Illustrated London News carried the first known pictures of what?

Used the "phone a friend" lifeline, but his friend didn't know.

Took the money.


a) A Christmas tree

c) Rudolph

b) A Christmas cracker

d) A pantomime dame


Andy Woodcock


Q) Complete the title of this Christmas film - "Miracle on..."

Chooses "24th Street".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £1,000.


a) 24th Street

c) 42nd Street

b) 34th Street

d) 59th Street


Donna Clark


Q) Buon Natale is Merry Xmas in which language?

Uses the 50:50 lifeline to leave "Portuguese" and "Italian". Chooses "Portuguese".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £1,000.


a) Portuguese

c) Spanish

b) German

d) Italian


Cheryl Turner


Q) What nationality was Handel, composer of the Christmas oratorio Messiah?

At this stage, Cheryl had used up all her lifelines.

She didn't know, and took the money.


a) British

c) German

b) French

d) Austrian


Jason Vaughan


Q) The 1965 Lionel Bart musical Twang!! was based upon whose life?

At this stage, Jason had used up all his lifelines.

Took the money.


a) William Tell

c) Robin Hood

b) Henry V

d) King Arthur


Tony Carey


Q) To what does the adjective "martial" refer?

Has two lifelines still, but choses "Karate".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £1,000.


a) Spring

c) War

b) Weddings

d) Karate


Paula Wellfair


Q) What is the value of the Roman Numeral "L"?

The friend she rings suggests "Five hundred" but she isn't sure.

Took the money.


a) Ten

c) Five

b) Five hundred

d) Fifty


Victoria Kaye


Q) By what name is the antirrhinum better known to gardeners?

Rang a friend, who suggested "Snap dragon".

Took the money.


a) Sweet Pea

c) Snap Dragon

b) Dizzy Lizzy

d) Sunflower


Paul Beverley


Q) At which railway station did Paul Simon write Homeward Bound?

Guessed "Crewe".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £32,000


a) Crewe

c) Halifax

b) Widnes

d) Wigan


Sarah Woodier


Q) What is a sheet on board a boat?

Used her "ask the audience" lifeline. Over 60% vote for "a sail".

Sarah goes along with the audience - but it's the wrong answer! Loses everything but £1,000.


a) A sail

c) A flag

b) A chart

d) A rope


Donna Blake

Currently at £4,000

Q) How many edges has a cube?

Guessed "Six".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £1,000


a) Six

c) Four

b) Twelve

d) Sixteen


David Yule


Q) For what does the P of P&O stand?

Guessed "Pacific".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £32,000


a) Pacific

c) Port

b) Peninsular

d) Passenger


David Hogg


Q) Which American car manufacturer produced the Coronet and Charger models?

Used his "phone a friend" lifeline, but he didn't know.

No guess offered - took the money.


a) Oldsmobile

c) Dodge

b) Cadillac

d) Chevrolet


Neil Muir


Q) Which song is traditionally sun by a Venetian goldolier?

Suspects it's B or D, but doesn't guess.

Takes the money.


a) Madrigal

c) Aria

b) Merceuse

d) Barcarolle


Fiona MacKenzie


Q) In the film "Speed", the bus will explode if it drops below what speed?

Doesn't know. She rings her father, who tentatively suggests "50".

Takes the money.


a) 40

c) 55

b) 50

d) 60


Pat Linehan


Q) From which plant is linseed oil derived?

Uses up all 3 lifelines. Audience says Flax (40%) or Sunflower (37%). Friend suggests flax.

Takes the money.


a) Poppy

c) Cotton

b) Flax

d) Sunflower


Fiona Wheeler


Q) Which country has a Test cricket ground called Kensington Oval?

After many changes of mind, she plumps for "Jamaica".

Wrong answer - stays on £32,000.


a) England

c) Jamaica

b) Australia

d) Barbados


Martin Skillings


Q) Sir John Hicks was the first British winner of which prize?

At this stage, he still had all three lifelines. Over 70% of the audience go for "Economics" (right answer) from the two remaining answers.

Decides not to risk it and takes the money.


a) Peace

c) Economics

b) Chemistry

d) Physics


Ian Horswell


Q) What was the name of the first American spaceship to orbit the Earth?

Didn't have a clue.

Took the money.


a) Aurora 7

c) Friendship 7

b) Liberty Bell 7

d) Freedom 7


Gary Cunning


Q) What was Casanova's occupation in his final years?

Didn't know.

Took the money.


a) Spy

c) Violinist

b) Librarian

d) Soldier


Tristran Burt


Q) Who is Tintin's nautical companion?

Didn't know.

Took the money.


a) Captain Harris

c) Captain Barnacle

b) Captain Bass

d) Captain Haddock


John Davidson


Q) Which of these girl's names is the title of a Jane Austen novel?

Confidently chooses "Jane".

Wrong answer - loses everything.


a) Emily

c) Emma

b) Jane

d) Sophie


Karen Ozdemir


Q) In Ireland, what are Macgillicuddy's Reeks?

Thinks it's B or C but doesn't risk it.

Takes the money.


a) Mountains

c) Islands

b) Lakes

d) A clan


Mark Manley


Q) What is unusual about the basenji dog?

Doesn't know.

Takes the money.


a) No tail

c) No bark

b) No fur

d) No sense of smell


Roger Maynard


Q) Who pained the Birth of Venus?

Went for "Raphael".

Wrong answer - stays on £32,000.


a) Raphael

c) Michaelangelo

b) Donatello

d) Botticelli


Lisa Dixson


Q) In which country was the board game "Monopoly" invented?

Doesn't know.

Takes the money.


a) USA

c) Australia

b) Britain

d) Canada


Len Munday


Q) Which ball game is played on the largest playing field?

Goes for "Baseball".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £1,000.


a) Polo

c) Rugby

b) Football

d) Baseball


Denis Burton


Q) Who played Hercule Poirot in the 1974 version of "Murder on the Orient Express"?

Chooses "Peter Ustinov".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £1,000.


a) David Suchet

c) Albert Finney

b) Peter Ustinov

d) Jeremy Brett


Matthew Norways


Q) Who was the first designer to manufacture jeans?

Uses his 50:50 to leave "Ethan Lee" and "Levi Strauss". Goes for "Lee".

Wrong answer - loses everything but £1,000.


a) Will Wrangler

c) Levi Strauss

b) Ethan Lee

d) Calvin Klein

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