William G. Stewart



Countdown (1997 Xmas special)

Family Fortunes (producer)

Famous People, Famous Places


People's Quiz

The Price is Right (producer)


Originally a comedy producer of sitcoms such as Bless This House and Love Thy Neighbour. While he produced The Price is Right and Family Fortunes, he is best known for hosting and producing Fifteen-to-One. He decided to host the show himself when he couldn't find a host who would know enough about the background to the questions. He retired in 2003 after the axing (more a constructive dismissal) of the quiz was announced.

2007 saw an unexpected return to the limelight as he shared the hosting duties of the People's Quiz.


He is married to Laura Calland, the voice-over artist on Fifteen-to-One with whom he has 2 children. He also has 3 children from his first marriage and 2 children from his second marriage to actress Sally Geeson.

In early series of the show, Stewart sported a moustache.

The G. stands for Gladstone

He was the only other person to have hosted Countdown during Richard Whiteley's reign. William G. stepped into the chair for the 1997 Christmas special where Richard and Carol were the contestants.

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