Ortis (original host)

Simon Grant (last series)


Holly Willoughby and boffin Herbie Treehead (series 1)

Jane Farnham - credited as 'Science Reporter (series 2)


Initial Kids for BBC1, 2003-4


Entertaining science-y show on BBC One which invited kids to guess the results of an experiment by doing their own tests.

These experiments were either very entertaining (how many rugby players can you fit in a 4-person boat without it sinking) to the frankly pathetic (how much squash can 20 kids drink in 30 seconds).

Then came the highly entertaining bit... the throwing random household objects off a nitrogen cannon game (name copyright UKGameshows). This was usually accompanied by the audience screaming "Throw the toilet!" "Throw the toilet!"

Then it all went to pot (cue cheesy violin music). The teams went, Ortis and Holly Willoughby went, the toilet went, leaving something that looked and sounded like a school science lesson.

Series 1 was a superb example of how entertaining blowing things up was, Series 2 was rubbish.


"Throw the toilet!"


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