Y Briodas Fawr

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Eleri Sion (2004-)

Gethin Jones (2004/5)

Rhodri Owen (2006-)


Teledu Solo for S4C, 2004-present


Popular reality show in which Welsh personalities organise a wedding for a lucky couple (or unlucky couple, as the case may be). Each participant is given a seperate challenge to complete. In the 2007 series, for example:

  • Heledd Cynwal (S4C presenter) was the wedding planner - arranging flowers, the honeymoon photographer etc.
  • Jonathan Davies (former rugby player turned TV presenter) was responsible for the wedding rings. But, to make it more interesting he had to sky dive with the Red Devils on his way to the wedding.
  • Glyn Wise (former Big Brother contestant turned Radio Cymru DJ) was put in charge of make-up, waxing and massages.
  • Eifion 'Jonsi' Jones (Radio Cymru DJ) took the groom and best man to the ceremony in a sailing boat.
  • And Sian Lloyd (former S4C announcer turned ITV weathergirl) - well, let's just say it involved burlesque costumes. Yep, she provided the entertainment for the hen night.


The title translates as The Big Wedding.

Over the first three series, participants (under our radar at least) have included Caryl Parry Jones, Mari Lovgreen, Arfon Haines Davies, Emma Walford and Dai Jones.

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