Young Driver of the Year

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== Co-hosts ==
== Co-hosts ==
Justin's father, former motor racing driver, Derek Bell, who appeared occasionally.
Derek Bell
== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==

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Justin Bell


Derek Bell


White Rabbit for BBC2, early 1990s


Young people's competition on four wheels from the same people who brought us Kick Start, Paddles Up and those Beverly Craven concerts you'd get on BBC1 at about 11.30pm. It involved many driving challenges, including reversing into a parking space as quickly as possible and reversing a caravan. It encountered some criticism for apparently encouraging excessive speed and misuse of the vehicles, but the programme-makers argued that it was a test in the use of many different types of vehicle and that the speed aspect was a necessary part of it - how well the competitors could handle the vehicles at speed. Either way, it generally made for entertaining viewing, in much the same way as the above-mentioned Kick Start and Paddles Up.


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