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Humphrey Burton (1978-92)

Sarah Greene (1994)

Christopher Warren-Green (1996)

Stephanie Hughes (1998-2004)

Howard Goodall (2006)


Jane Glover (1988)

Mervyn Williams (1990)

Alistair Appleton (2004)


BBC 2, 7 February 1978 to present

BBC Four (semi-finals), 2006


Lest you should think that is just about rip-off phone-ins, people eating creepy-crawlies, and badly-thought-out lottery promotions, we bring you... Culture! With a capital C.

The instrumental portion of the BBC's brace of high-brow musical contests (this runs in even numbered years, Cardiff Singer of the World in odd numbered) consists of a series of semi-finals for Brass, Woodwind, Keyboards, Strings and (since 1994) Percussion, with the winners progressing to the Concerto Final where they play with a full orchestra, invariably prompting letters to the Radio Times asking rhetorically how you judge a violinist against a percussionist anyway. The champion goes on to the Eurovision Young Musicians competition, where they're beaten by the Austrian contender.

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