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<div class="image">[[Image:Zoe_ball_headshot.jpg]]</div>
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== Shows ==
== Shows ==
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[[Grease is the Word]]
[[Grease is the Word]]
[[Let's Dance]] (participant)
[[Love at First Sight]] (researcher)
[[Love at First Sight]] (researcher)

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The Big Breakfast

BBC Young Dancer (live final)

Britain's Best Brain

Can't Touch This

Class of...

Extinct: The Quiz

Grease is the Word

Let's Dance (participant)

Love at First Sight (researcher)

The Match

Popmaster (stand-in)

Soapstar Superstar

Strictly Come Dancing (participant and BBC Two coverage)

Strictly Dance Fever (BBC Three coverage)

The Voice UK (BBC Two Coverage)


Daughter of the legendary Johnny Ball, Zoe worked behind the scenes for Granada and BSkyB before getting her big presenting break on The Big Breakfast. She went on to present the BBC Saturday morning show Live & Kicking and become the first woman to present the Radio 1 weekday breakfast show. She is married to DJ and dance music producer Norman Cook and they have a son called Woody and a daughter called Nelly May.


Ball hosted the Channel 4 show "100 Greatest TV Moments From Hell", which was - you've guessed it - a celebration (or otherwise) of the most excruciating, controversial, or simply irritating, occurrences (and shows too, for that matter) in television history, as voted for by the viewers.

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