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Much awaited, this Saturday sees the return of the channel's biggest programme. Yes, Swashbuckle is back (Cbeebies). We've also a new run of Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1), and Taskmaster hits Dave (Wed).

Susan Calman overload continues with The Boss (BBC1, weekdays). ITV2 has a double whammy for Thursday, Bromans and Celebrity Juice. Over on The Satellite Channel, A League of Their Own also returns (Thu).

Last in the series of Lego Masters (C4, Thu).

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Schedules are accurate at the time of publication; check against EPG for late changes.


Saturday 9 September

  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 10.35) Seaweed Super Soup.
  • Fighting Talk (Radio 5, 11am).
  • Supermarket Sweep (Challenge, 11am) Six episodes.
  • The Chase (ITV, 4.30).

Saturday Catchup

Repeats from earlier in the week

  • Coach Trip (E4, 7.50).
  • Come Dine with Me (C4, 12.20).
  • The X Factor (ITV, 12.25).
  • Mastermind (BBC2, 3.45; Scotland 4pm).
  • University Challenge (BBC2, 4.15; Scotland 4.30, not NI).
  • Only Connect (BBC2 NI 4.15, England and Wales 4.45, Scotland 5pm).
  • The Big Family Cooking Showdown (BBC2 England, 6.15; Scotland 6.30, NI 5pm Sun, not Wales).


  • Partners in Rhyme (BBC1, 5.40) Angellica Bell, Roman Kemp, Vikki Stone, Wayne Sleep.
  • The Family Chase (ITV, 6pm) The French family from Wiltshire.
  • Pointless Celebrities (BBC1, 6.10) Reality tv, repeated.
  • Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1, 7pm) Meet the celebrities, plus songs from Shania Twain and Rita Ora, and a tribute to Bruce Forsyth.
  • Cannonball! (ITV, 7pm).
  • The X Factor (ITV and TV3, 8pm) Audition 3.

Sunday 10 September

  • The Chase (UK Living2, 6am) Three episodes, new to this channel.
  • Masterchef Australia (W, 7am) Five episodes from earlier this week.
  • Top Class (CBBC, 9.30).
  • Robot Wars (Sky2, 10am) Five episodes from series 5.
  • The Chase (ITV, 10.25).
  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 10.35) Mini Cook and Line.
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC2, 1pm).
  • The X Factor (ITV, 3.15).
  • The Crystal Maze (C4, 4.20).
  • The Grate Breadxit Burn-Out (C4, 5.25).


  • Tipping Point Lucky Stars (ITV, 6pm) Julian Clary, Sara Cox, Alan Halsall.
  • Astronauts Do You Have What It Takes? (BBC2, 8pm).
  • The X Factor (ITV and TV3, 8pm) Audition 4.
  • Dragons' Den (BBC2, 9pm).
  • The Chase Celebrity (Challenge, 9pm) ITV have finally sold some of these editions with famous faces on the floor.
  • 5 Gold Rings (ITV, 11.20).

Weekday Daytimes

  • Tout le Monde Veut Prendre Sa Place (TV5, 10.43).
  • Couples Come Dine with Me (C4, 12.05).
  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15).
  • For What It's Worth (BBC2, 1pm; not Tu, 1.10 We) Repeats.
  • French Collection (C4, 1.05).
  • Countdown (C4, 2.10) Mo-Tu: Gloria Hunniford; We-Th: Janet Street-Porter; not Fr.
  • The Boss (BBC1, 2.15) Great news for all Susan Calman fans! She's on a new show every single day this week.
  • Dickinson's Real Deal (ITV, 3pm) Repeats.
  • Cheap Cheap Cheap (C4, 3pm) New episodes.
  • Questions Pour un Champion (TV5, 3.28).
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 4pm) New episodes.
  • The Chase (ITV, 5pm).
  • Come Dine with Me (C4, 5pm) Portsmouth and Southampton.
  • Pointless (BBC1, 5.15) New episodes.
  • Streetmate (C4, 5.30).
  • Richard Osman's House of Games (BBC2, 6pm) With Angela Scanlon, Clive Myrie, Sara Pascoe, Rick Edwards.
  • Dress to Impress (ITV2, 6pm).
  • The Cube (Challenge, 6pm) New to this channel.
  • Eggheads (BBC2, 6.30) New episodes.
  • My Kitchen Rules Australia (UK Living, 6.45).
  • Antiques Road Trip (BBC2, 7pm; Mo, Tu only, and not Scot).
  • Masterchef Australia (W, 7pm).
  • Coach Trip Road to Zante (E4, 7.30) The journey concludes.

Monday 11 September

  • Counterpoint (Radio 4, 3pm).
  • Just a Minute (Radio 4, 6.30) Paul Merton, Rufus Hound, Sarah Kendall.
  • University Challenge (BBC2, 8pm) Sheffield Hallam play Newcastle.

Tuesday 12 September

  • The Grate Breadxit Burn-Out (C4, 8pm) Paul Hollywood's course continues. 3 - Mint.
  • NBC Territory's Got Talent (TruTV, 8pm).

Wednesday 13 September

  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, 8pm) Semi-finals begin here.
  • Dinner Date (ITVBe, 8pm) Matt from Somerset.
  • NBC Territory's Got Talent (TruTV, 8pm).
  • Taskmaster (Dave, 9pm) With Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar, Sally Phillips.
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1, 10.45; NI 11.40) Sarah Storey, Graeme Swann, Mark Lewis-Francis, Sam Tomkins.

Thursday 14 September

  • Pigo Dy Drwyn (S4C, 5.05) A series of snot-tastic games, it says here.
  • Blue Peter (CBBC, 5.30) Barney Harwood's final show. Can we have that new series of Bamzooki now?
  • The Big Family Cooking Showdown (BBC2, 8pm) Ayoubi from Essex and Herbert from Gloucestershire.
  • Lego Masters (C4, 8pm) Stories from children, and from Dara Ó Briain. Caution: contains Dara Ó Briain.
  • Duck Quacks Don't Echo (The Satellite Channel, 8pm) Roisin Conaty, Noel Fielding, Jason Manford.
  • Celwydd Noeth (S4C, 8.25).
  • Bromans (ITV2, 9pm) Can modern lads survive as gladiators in ancient Rome?
  • A League of Their Own (The Satellite Channel, 9pm) Dele Alli, Rob Beckett, Stephen Mangan.
  • Celebrity Juice (ITV2, 10pm) Russell Tovy, Charli XCX, Chris and Kem from Love Island, Johnny Vegas.
  • Burn-Out Another Flame (C4, 10pm) Jo Brand deals in spears, peppers, and arrows.

Friday 15 September

  • Stop the Press (R Scotland, 1.30).
  • The News Quiz (Radio 4, 6.30).
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1, 7.30; not Wales) Repeat from Wednesday.
  • Mastermind (BBC2 Wales 7pm, England and Scotland 8pm, not NI) Green Wing, poet Rumi, Julius Caesar, Lancashire county cricket club.
  • The Crystal Maze (C4, 8pm) Cosplayers, including one of the regular setters for the DASH puzzle hunt.
  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC1, 8.30).
  • Only Connect (BBC2, 8.30, Wales and NI 9.30) Wanderers and Pedagogues.
  • Mock the Week (BBC2, 10pm) James Acaster, Tom Allen, Ed Byrne (comedian), Rhys James, Ellie Taylor.
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 10pm) Sean Lock and Vic Reeves play Jon Richardson and Sara Pascoe. David O'Doherty assists.

Sign language interpretation

  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 3.25pm Sat, Sun).
  • May the Best House Win (STV, 2.50am Mon; rest of ITV, 3am Thu).
  • The Big Family Cooking Showdown (BBC2, 8am Mon)
  • Celebrity Masterchef (BBC2, 12.15am Tu, Fr; not Wales).
  • Great Local Menu (BBC2, 8.30am Th).
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