A Date With...



Tony Slattery


Hubris for Channel 4, 10 August 1997


Claimed to be the first game show for disabled people (though if this one-off qualifies, then surely We are the Champions' numerous specials also count?), this was a Blind Date variant shown as part of Channel 4's oddly-punctuated Access! All Areas season.

Three disabled women were asked questions about disability and disabled people, supplied chat-up lines and did some role-playing in a mock-up bar, and the studio audience voted on which one should get to go on a date with a mystery star. Who was indeed so mysterious that we haven't a clue who it was.

Slattery's "jokes" were at the expense of his female contestants' disabilities, and the quiz questions revolved around the poor facilities and services faced by disabled people at the time.

At the end of the programme, the continuity announcer revealed that the show wasn't real - the whole thing had been set up to make a political point, Slattery was in on the 'gag' and the contestants were actors.

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