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G is for... Gunge - Any kind of messy gunk used to cover contestants (particularly children) as a penalty for losing the game. As it is likely that some of the gunge will be swallowed, it is made using industrial food thickener and dye.


Title Genre
Gaby's Talking Pictures Radio, Comedy panel game (film)
Gag Tag Comedy panel game (jokes)
Gair am Air Puzzle, regional (Wales)
Gair am Aur Puzzle, regional (Wales)
Gaisce Gnó Business, regional (Northern Ireland)
Gallery Quiz, themed (art)
Gambit Quiz, general knowledge
The Game Childrens
Game for a Laugh Stunts and dares
Game of Attraction Dating, reality
Game of Clones Reality, dating
Game of Talents Lying
A Game of Two Halves Regional (Scotland) quiz, themed (football)
Game of War Board game conversion
Game on Grandparents Gaming
Game Pie Family game show
Gameplay Phone-in
Gameshow Losers Documentary
Gameshow Marathon Family game show
Gameshow of Thrones Panel game, themed
The Games Reality, Sports
Gamesmaster Childrens
Games People Play Radio, themed quiz (sport)
Games Republic Childrens
Miranda's Games With Showbiz Names Family game
Games World Childrens
Gamezville Childrens
Garden Challenge Lifestyle
The Garden Game Quiz, themed (gardening), Regional (Midlands)
Garden Invaders Lifestyle
Garden of the Year Lifestyle (gardening)
The Garden Quiz Radio, themed quiz (gardening)
Gardener of the Year Lifestyle
Gardening Quiz Radio, themed quiz (gardening)
Gareth Malone's All Star Music Quiz Music, panel game
Garry Bushell Reveals All Comedy panel game
Gassed Up Motoring, celebrity challenges
Gêm Gartre' Sports quiz, regional (Wales)
Y Gemau Gwyllt Childrens, action and adventure, regional (Wales)
General Knowledge Bee Quiz, general knowledge
The Generation Game Family game show
Genius Radio, comedy panel game
Sam and Mark's Geordie Challenge Childrens, stunts and dares
Geronimo! Technological
Get It - Got It - Good Childrens
Get Me the Producer Reality
Get Mucky Childrens
Get 100 Childrens
Get Set Galactic Childrens, science
Get Set Go Family game show
Get Staffed Family game show
Get Wet Childrens
Get Your Act Together (1) Variety
Get Your Act Together (2) Variety
Get Your Kit Off Stunts and dares
Get Your Own Back Childrens
The Getaway Car Driving, quiz
Getting About Lifestyle, themed quiz
Ghost Spelling Radio, puzzle
Gibberish Comedy panel game
The Giddy Game Show Childrens
Gift Wrapped Quiz, general knowledge
Gigglequiz Childrens
Gino's Cooking Up Love Lifestyle
Girlfri3nds Dating
Give Me Your Word Panel game
Give Us a Conch Radio, natural history
Give Us a Clue Panel game
Give Your Mate a Break Variety
Gladiators Action and adventure
Gladiators: Train to Win Childrens
Glam-O-Rama Quiz, themed (glam rock/1970s)
Glee Club Childrens
Gleusta Childrens, regional (Scotland)
Glitterball Phone-in, interactive
Global GUTS (see: Nickelodeon GUTS)
Global E-Missions Reality
Globetrotting Radio, panel game (travel)
Globo Loco Childrens
Glory Ball Lottery
Gloryhunters Sport (football), radio
Glow Up Cosmetics and make up
Go 8 Bit Comedy panel game
Go for Goal Themed quiz, regional (Sport)
Go for It Stunts and dares
Go For It! Educational
Go Getters Childrens, action and adventure
Go Hard or Go Home Reality
God's Gift Dating show
Gods of the Game Stunts and dares, sport
Going for a Song Quiz, themed (antiques)
Going for Gold Quiz, general knowledge
Going, Going, Gone Quiz, themed (antiques)
Gok's Lunchbox Cookery
Golden Balls Family game show
The Golden Cagoule Panel game
The Golden Lot Quiz, themed (antiques)
The Golden Shot Family game show
Goldmaster Quiz, themed (television)
The Gong Show Variety
The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected Regional (Scotland) radio, comedy panel game
Good Afternoon (see: Cryptogram, Pets Go Public)
Gory Games Childrens
Got to Dance Variety, reality
Got What It Takes? Variety, reality
Grampian Sheepdog Trials Lifestyle, regional (North Scotland)
Grand Quiz Auto Quiz, themed (motoring)
Grand Slam (1) Sport (bridge)
Grand Slam (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Grand Slam Quiz Quiz, themed (rugby), regional (Wales)
Grand Sportsmasters Quiz, themed (sport)
Grandad's Back in Business Reality, business
Grease is the Word Variety, reality
The Great Antiques Challenge Lifestyle, antiques
The Great Antiques Hunt Quiz, themed (antiques)
The Great Auction Showdown Lifestyle, antiques
The Great Big British Quiz Puzzle phone-in
The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge Miniature craft
The Great British Bake Off Lifestyle
Great British Hairdresser Lifestyle, reality
Great British Menu Lifestyle
Great British Photography Challenge Art (photography)
Al Murray's Great British Pub Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
The Great British Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
The Great British Sewing Bee Lifestyle (sewing)
The Great British Song Contest Variety
The Great British Test Quiz, themed (various)
Great British Treasure Hunt Lifestyle, history
Great British Village Show Lifestyle
The Great Cake Bake Lifestyle
The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge Lifestyle
The Great Cookbook Challenge Cookery
The Great Egg Race Technological
The Great Garden Challenge (1) Lifestyle, gardening
The Great Garden Challenge (2) Lifestyle, gardening
The Great Garden Game Lifestyle
The Great History Quiz Quiz, themed (history)
The Great House Game Lifestyle
The Great House Giveaway Lifestyle
The Great Interior Design Challenge Lifestyle
The Great Love Swindle Dating, reality
The Great Model Railway Challenge Technological
The Great Northern Ireland Music Quiz Themed quiz, regional (Northern Ireland)
The Great Pottery Throw Down Pottery and claywork
The Great Pretender Family game show
The Great Reality TV Swindle Documentary
Great Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Quiz Radio, themed (music)
Great Wall of Comedy Comedy panel game (sitcoms)
The Greatest Auction Lifestyle, antiques
The Greatest Dancer Variety (dance)
The Greatest Show Never Made Documentary
The Greatest Snowman Ice sculpture
Greed Quiz, general knowledge
Gridlock Puzzle
Growing Pains Comedy panel game
Groucho Comedy panel game
Groundhog Date Dating
Grow Biz Quiz Quiz, themed (gardening)
Grudge Match Action and adventure
The Guess List Panel game
Guess My Story Panel game
Guess the Star Variety
Guess This House Lifestyle
Guess What? (1) Panel game, radio
Guess What? (2) Childrens
Guessable Panel game, mystery objects
The Guessing Game Regional (Scotland) radio, comedy panel game
Guesstimation Quiz, estimation
Guilty Party Panel game, radio
Guitar Star Variety
Gunge Grant Childrens
Gunge 'Em In The Dungeon Childrens
Gutted Lifestyle
Gwefreiddiol Comedy panel game, regional (Wales)
Gwrach y Rhibyn Childrens, action and adventure, regional (Wales)
Gyrrwr y Flwyddyn Sports (driving), regional (Wales)
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