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T is for... Taster - A piece of video tape used to give the viewer an idea of the prizes on offer. This is particularly used for prizes which are not physical objects (e.g. holidays).


Title Genre
Tactile Bee Quiz, general knowledge
Take a Hike Competitive rambling
Take a Letter Family game show
Take it Like a Fan Sports
Take It or Leave It (1) Literary
Take It or Leave It (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Take Me Out Dating
Take Off Variety
Take on the Takeaway Lifestyle
Take on the Twisters Quiz, general knowledge
Take Over Decision making
Take 7 Regional (South) quiz, themed (various)
Take the Plunge Family game show
Take the Stage Variety
Take the Tower Stunts and dares
Take Your Pick Family game show
Takeover Bid Family game show
Takeshi's Castle Action/adventure
Taking The Next Step Childrens, dance
Taking the Pitch Sports
The Talent Show Story Documentary
The Talent Trial Regional (West of England), Variety
Talk Yourself Out of This Radio, panel game, improvisation
Talkabout Puzzle
Talking Scots Regional (Scotland), panel game?
Talking Telephone Numbers Variety
The Talk Sport Quiz Sports quiz, radio
Tall Story Club Panel game, lying
Y Talwrn Poetry, regional (Wales)
Tall Tales and Antique Sales Regional (Anglia/London), lifestyle
Tarby's Frame Game Family game show
Taro' Mlaen Childrens, regional (Wales)
Taro Deg Quiz, general knowledge
Taskmaster Variety
Taste the Nation Inter-county cookery show
The Taste Cookery
Tasting Bee Quiz, general knowledge
Tattoo Artist of the Year Reality, lifestyle
Techno Games Technological
Teen Win, Lose or Draw Puzzle
Television Brain of Britain Quiz, general knowledge
Television Scrabble Board game conversion
Television Top of the Form Quiz, academic
Tell Me More Panel game
Tell the Tale Panel game
Tell the Truth Panel game
Telly Addicts Quiz, themed (TV)
Telly Phonin' Regional (Wales), phone-in
Telly Quiz Quiz, themed (TV)
Tellystack Quiz, themed (TV)
Temptation Island (UK) Dating
Ten... Twenty... Thirty Regional (Wales) quiz
Tenable Quiz, general knowledge
Tenball Sports
Ten Mile Menu Lifestyle
The Tennis Elbow Foot Game Radio, panel game
Terms and Conditions Apply Comedy panel game
Terror Towers Childrens
Test Drive Quiz, travel (Scotland)
Test the Nation Quiz, themed
Teulu-Ffon Regional (Wales) quiz, general knowledge
Thall Thairis Regional (Scotland)
Thank God You're Here Comedy panel game (improvisation)
Thank Your Lucky Stars Variety
That Dog Can Dance! Variety
That Music Show Panel game, music
That Puppet Game Show Stunt/dare show
That'll Test 'Em Quiz, themed (school curricula)
That's Entertainment Quiz, themed (showbusiness)
That's Genius! Childrens, technological
That's History Quiz, themed (history)
That's My Dog Lifestyle
That's News to Me Quiz, themed (current affairs)
That's Showbusiness Quiz, themed (showbusiness)
That's the Question Quiz
That's What You Think! Regional (South) quiz
That's Your Lot Quiz, themed (antiques)
The Third Degree Quiz, general knowledge
Theatre Quiz Quiz, themed (theatre)
There Goes That Song Again
There's No Taste Like Home Lifestyle
There's Something About Miriam Dating
There's Something About Movies Comedy panel game
They Think it's All Over Comedy panel game (sports)
They're Off! Quiz, themed
Think of a Number (1) Radio, panel game
Think of a Number (2) Regional (Wales), quiz
Think Tank (1) Academic quiz
Think Tank (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Think Tank (3) General knowledge quiz
Third Degree Radio, academic quiz
The 3rd Degree Radio, academic quiz
31 Days in May Radio, phone-in quiz
This is My House Panel game
This is My Moment Variety
This is Your Chance Variety
This Time Next Year Lifestyle
This Time Tomorrow Quiz, general knowledge, Lottery
The Dylan Thomas Pub Quiz Literature
Those Wonderful TV Times Panel game, themed quiz (television)
Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress Lifestyle
3G Boss Business
Three in a Bed Lifestyle
Three in a Row Radio, quiz
Three Little Words Puzzle
3-2-1 Family game show
Three's a Crowd Dating
Through the Keyhole Panel game
Thumbs Up Childrens
Thunder Races Technological
Tibs and Fibs Quiz, themed (medical)
Tichpuzzle! Childrens
T.I.G.S. Childrens
Time Busters Childrens
Time Commanders Educational
Time Cycle Radio panel game
The Time it Takes Family game, general knowledge quiz
Time Please Quiz, general knowledge
Timekeepers Quiz, general knowledge
Timeline Quiz, general knowledge
Tiny and Mr Duk's Huge Show Childrens
Tipit Family game show
Tipping Point Quiz, general knowledge
TMi Children's
To Boldly Go Radio, panel game
To Boldly Go Where No Quiz Has Gone Before Quiz, themed (Star Trek)
Tomhais Puzzle, regional (Scotland)
To Me... To You... Childrens
Today's the Day Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Tomorrow's World Christmas Quiz Quiz, themed (science)
Tongue Twister Bee Radio, family game show
Tonight's the Night Variety
Too Many Cooks (1) Lifestyle
Too Many Cooks (2) Lifestyle
Tool Academy Relationships
Top! Educational
Top Banana Childrens
Top Class Childrens, general knowledge quiz
Top Club Quiz, general knowledge
Top Dog Lifestyle
Sport Relief's Top Dog Animals (dogs)
Top Dog Model Reality
Top Firm Quiz, general knowledge
Top of the Farm Quiz, themed (farming)
Top of the Form Radio, academic quiz
Top of the World Quiz, general knowledge
Top Secret Childrens
Top Team Radio, childrens, academic quiz
Top Tip Challenge Lifestyle
Top Town Variety
Topless Darts Sports
Topranko! Quiz
Total Wipeout Family game show
Totally Saturday Stunt/dare show
The Totally Senseless Game Show Variety
Totally Top Trumps Quiz, themed
The Touch Decision making
Touch the Truck Reality
Tournament Sports (jousting)
Town and Country Quiz Radio, general knowledge quiz
Town Challenge Family game show
Trade Your Way to the USA Childrens
Trading Places Business
Trading Treasures Lifestyle
Trading Up Lifestyle
Traed Oer Stunt/dare show
Trailblazers Action/adventure
Traitor Panel game
Transatlantic Quiz Radio panel game
Transworld Top Team Quiz, general knowledge
Trapped Childrens
Travel Bug Childrens
The Travel Quiz Quiz, themed (geography)
Trak Trix Childrens
Treasure Hunt (1) Family game show
Treasure Hunt (2) Action/adventure
Treasure Island (1) Regional (Wales), general knowledge quiz
Treasure Island (2) Reality, survival
Treasure Trail Quiz, general knowledge
Treasures of the Mindlord Childrens
Treble Chance Radio, panel game
Trick or Treat Stunt/dare show
Tricks of the Trade Radio, Specialist subjects quiz
Trivia Test Match Radio quiz, general knowledge
Trivial Pursuit Board game conversion
Trouble in Paradise Lifestyle, Reality
True Lies Comedy panel game
True Love or True Lies Reality, relationships
True or False Lying
Truly, Madly, Weekly Regional (South) panel game, news
Trust Me Puzzle
Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep Lifestyle
Trycar Motoring, Wales
Try for Ten Quiz, general knowledge
Tumble Celebrity gymnastics
Turnabout (1) Puzzle
Turnabout (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Turner Round the World Quiz, themed (geography)
TV Now and Then Quiz, themed (television)
TV Scrabble Board game conversion
TV Showdown Quiz, themed (television)
TV Times Star Family Challenge Family game show
12 Stars of Christmas Variety
The 21st Question Quiz, general knowledge
24 Hour Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
24 Hour Panel People Comedy panel game, webcast
29 Minutes of Fame Comedy panel game (celebrity)
Twenty-One Quiz, general knowledge
Twenty Questions Panel game
Twister Childrens
Two for the Money Quiz, general knowledge
2 for 2000 Childrens
Two in One Radio, panel game
£250 Red Cross Radio Contest Radio, puzzle
2000 to 1 Quiz, general knowledge
Two Tribes Quiz, general knowledge
Tycoon Business
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