New Shows

This page lists the most recent game show debuts and other shows almost ready for transmission.

New shows for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 are also available.

(R) indicates a revival.


All About Two Quiz, television (BBC2)
Amazing Greys Stunts and dares
The Big Allotment Challenge Lifestyle (produce)
Ejector Seat General knowledge quiz
The Guess List Panel game
Killer Magic Stunts and dares (magic)
Monty Don's Real Craft (R) Lifestyle
The Lie Quiz, general knowledge
Sport Relief's Top Dog Animals (dogs)
Timeline Quiz, general knowledge
Duck Quacks Don't Echo Comedy panel game
Hair Lifestyle
Revenge of the Egghead Quiz, general knowledge
Superstar Dogs Animals (dogs)
The Dog Ate My Homework Comedy panel game
The Great Interior Design Challenge Lifestyle
The Jump Action/adventure
Ludus Childrens, interactive
My Kitchen Rules Lifestyle
Reflex Stunts and dares
The Taste Cookery

Coming up

  • Stand By Your Man - Ex-Westlife member Brian McFadden invites four guys to compete against each other in a series of challenges to win the most votes from an audience of female singles and then pick a female single from the audience to go out on a date. (ITV Studios for Channel 5, pilot 2014)
  • Viral Tap - Caroline Flack challenges team captains Matt Richardson and Carly Smallman with a few other celebrity panellists to find some of their favourite viral videos and then re-create those videos. (Yalli Productions and Vision Independent Productions for ITV2, 2014)
  • You Can't Say That! - Tim Vine hides some trick questions alongside the genuine questions where if the contestants can spot the 'trip-ups' from the trivia, they could be winning thousands of pounds. (Hat Trick Productions, pilot 2014)
  • I Know Best - Rhod Gilbert invites the audience to compete against a panel of celebrity guests where they will try to convince the audience that they are telling them facts while the audience judges if the panel are lying. (Wall to Wall, pilot 2014)
  • Junk - Three comedians attempt to win bits of 'junk' donated by members of the studio audience. Joe Lycett hosts. (BBC Three, pilot 2014)
  • Virtually Famous - Glee star Kevin McHale hosts a new panel show that's all about celebrating weird and wonderful people with team captains Jessica Knappett and James Acaster. (E4, pilot 2014)
  • Keep It in the Family - Two families of four battle it out over a series of rounds for the chance to win an array of prizes. But, it's not the parents won't be choosing which family member will be doing each challenge, it's the kids who will choose, which means anything could happen. Bradley Walsh hosts. (ITV, pilot 2014)
  • The Totally Senseless Gameshow - Celebrities dress up as characters to play a series of "Totally Senseless" games while something else will make it even harder for them not to win any of the games. Martin Dougan hosts. (Roughcut Television for BBC3, pilot 2014)
  • Win It, Cook It - Two teams pit against each other to see who can rustle up a feast from a limited larder. However, one member of each team will answer questions in order to win ingredients for their partner to cook with. Answer correctly, and they could win a prized ingredient, answer incorrectly, and they could end up with something less desirable. Simon Rimmer hosts. (Plum Pictures for Channel 4, 2014)
  • Celebrity Squares - A modern revival of everyone's favorite big box game. (ITV, pilot 2013)
  • The Almost Impossible Gameshow - Contestants are tasked with completing straight-forward but difficult challenges, with money on offer for those that succeed. (Initial for Comedy Central, pilot 2013)
  • In Sync - Couples compete against each other in challenges designed to test how in tune with each other they are. Davina McCall hosts. (Victory Television for BBC1, pilot 2013)
  • Rebel Bingo - A bingo experience for the yoofs where the audience plays bingo as normal and as soon one of them gets a bingo, they will be taken to the stage to challenge a reigning champion in a Celebrity Juice/Shooting Stars style game, in order to win some life changing prizes. (Challenge, 2013)
  • The Greg James Show - Straight from his Radio 1 drivetime show, Greg James gets to host his very own show as he pits two celebrity teams against each other to use massive modern hit songs (or so they say) on the springboard. (BBC Three, pilot 2013)
  • Name That Toon - Celebrities get to control a series of amazing CGI animations. Rufus Hound hosts (Channel 4, pilot 2013)
  • Just 1 Thing - Members of the public try to perform a brand new skill they have learnt during a week's training in front of a live studio audience to win some fantastic prizes. But before they are tested, they'll be given a change that'll make their performance of their week's trained skill very difficult. Bradley Walsh hosts (ITV, pilot 2013)
  • Take One for the Team - Two celebrities go head-to-head in a series of outrageous games designed to see just how far they’ll go for their friends and family. (ITV, 2013)
  • Draw It - A television show based on the internet game "Draw Something". (Channel 4, 2013)
  • Take Off - Four contestants invite their friends and family to take part in a quiz that tests not what they know, but how well they know the people they’ve brought with them. With all four groups fully packed and ready to go, only one contestant will pass with flying colours and win the chance to take their loved ones on a luxury break. Paddy McGuinness hosts. (Channel 4, 2013)
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