John Daly


BBC Northern Ireland, 19 February to 25 November 2003 (19 editions)


Short-lived slow-paced Northern Ireland show which involved 3 contestants trying to answer questions and "Spin" a CGI wheel to win up to £2,000 cash or land on a "Bankraider" which gave one of the many people playing at home their money for doing nothing at all.

Judging by the fact none of us here at UKGameshows can remember anything about it, and that the internet holds barely any information on it, we can deduce that this was a very bad and forgettable show.

Key Moments

When a contestant wins £2,000...and then has to give it to a player at home.


John Daly


From John Daly's Website:"At one stage I seemed to be addicted to quiz shows. From my own creation, Class Distinction – The Schools Quiz with a difference - to putting my honours degree in education and business studies to good use on Big Crash and Bankraider."


A contestant wins the £2000 Jackpot (Scroll down for some Behind the Scenes Pictures)

A contestant loses the £2000 Jackpot


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