Big Brother's Big Quiz



Davina McCall


Ulrika Jonsson (participant)

Danny Wallace (participant)


Brighter Pictures for E4, 29 May 2009


Davina McCall hosts a special quiz to mark the 10th series of Big Brother. Four teams, comprised of a celebrity and a former housemate, are posed questions on the lows, and erm, lows of Big Brother.

The quiz has four rounds, with several different forms of questioning in each round, such as odd one out, questions based on video clips, answers to surveys, and in one round, creating a brand of perfume for a former housemate. The mixed nature of the questioning in each round is somewhat unusual, but not a problem. What is a problem is the fact that despite expecting joking and banter on a game show like this, there is so much of it, that relatively few questions are asked, and the quiz element starts to get lost. When questions are finally answered, how many points are awarded isn't usually explained, but it does seem to vary by round. This is largely academic however as the perfume task dishes out 10 points for the winning team, leaving them with a largely unassailable lead.

To further expand on the Big Brother theme, at the end each round from the second round onwards, the former housemate who is on the team with the least points is 'evicted' and they are replaced by a housemate from the audience.

This game show probably seemed like a good idea on paper. Raise interest for the new 10th series by quizzing housemates on series gone by. In reality it merely feels like a copy of the annual 8 Out of 10 Cats Big Brother special.


Nikki Grahame and Jack Whitehall

Theme music

"Big Brother UK TV Theme" by Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray working under the name ElementFour, played over a montage of opening credits from the previous nine series.

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