Britain's Next Top Model

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== Champions ==
== Champions ==
2005: Lucy Ratcliffe<br>
2005 Lucy Ratcliffe<br>
2006: Lianna Fowler<br>
2006 Lianna Fowler<br>
2007: Lauren McAvoy<br>
2007 Lauren McAvoy<br>
2008: Alex Evans<br>
2008 Alex Evans<br>
2009: Mecia Simson<br>
2009 Mecia Simson<br>
2010: Tiffany Pisani
2010 Tiffany Pisani<br>
2011 Jade Thompson
== Web links ==
== Web links ==

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Lisa Butcher (2005)

Lisa Snowdon (2006-9)

Elle Macpherson (2010-)


Jonathan Phang (2005-7)
Marie Helvin (2005)
Paula Hamilton (2006-7)
Gerry Deveaux (2008)
Huggy Ragnarsson (2008-9)
Louis Mariette (2009)
Julien MacDonald (2010-)
Grace Woodward (2010-)
Charley Speed (2010-)
Nicola Roberts (guest judge, 2010)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor (guest judge, 2011)
Janice Dickinson (guest judge, 2011)
Tyson Beckford (guest judge, 2011)
Henry Holland (guest judge, 2011)
Ronan & Yvonne Keating (guest judges, 2011)


Thumbs Up Productions for LIVINGtv, 14 September 2005 to 4 October 2010 (70 episodes in 6 series)

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Thumbs Up Productions for Sky Living, 4 July 2011 to present


British version of a highly successful international format whereby females take on a variety of modelling tasks (which always seem to involve wearing clothes and looking good on photo shoots, strangely enough) and living in a house together whilst getting gradually eliminated by the three resident judges and a bonus guest judge week by week.

This being Britain, the prizes are a little less glamourous than their US counterpart (one year's representation by a Proper Modelling Company, and an exclusive photoshoot with B magazine which must be elitist, aspirational and exciting because we've never heard of it).

It does keep the rather natty "airbrushing the eliminee from the group photo after the credits" thing they do in the original US show, however.


Series 2 runner-up Abbey Clancy would go on to forge a successful modelling and TV career.

The final of series 6 was broadcast live, allowing viewers to vote for the winner for the first time.

From series 7, the programme was renamed Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model allowing contestants from Ireland as well as Britain to compete.


2005 Lucy Ratcliffe
2006 Lianna Fowler
2007 Lauren McAvoy
2008 Alex Evans
2009 Mecia Simson
2010 Tiffany Pisani
2011 Jade Thompson

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