Britain's Worst Driver



Quentin Willson (and Jenni Falconer from 2005)


Vicki Butler-Henderson


Mentorn Barraclough Carey for five, 18 October 2002 to 24 December 2003 (18 episodes in 2 series)

as Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver: Mentorn for five, 4 November 2003 to 25 September 2005 (14 episodes in 1 series, 2005 as Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver Live!)


On the whole, British drivers are some of the best in the world. Like all generalisations, this covers a wide variation in talent - some people are world-class safe drivers, others shouldn't really be let behind the wheel of those rides in the supermarket.

Members of the public wrote in and nominated their family, work colleagues, and (ex-) friends for the title. Eight of the most truly awful drivers qualified for the televised competition, and the person who nominated them came along to provide encouragement, or shout at them. Over six weeks, they were given education in how to drive, and tested on the skills they'd learned that week.

The best performer on each week's show won a car, and was released from the competition. At the end of the series, the person left behind the wheel was adjudged Britain's Worst Driver.


Quentin Willson and Duncan McAlpine


The format has been sold to a number of overseas countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. A version in the US was cancelled before shooting began.

One of the contestants in the first series, nicknamed "Timid Tim", was none other than future award-winning comedy poet and We Need Answers quizmaster, Tim Key. He won a Ford Ka, which he sold after a week.

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Britain's Worst - the same concept was applied to activities other than driving.


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