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== Host ==
== Host ==
Elain Edwards  
[[Elain Edwards]]
== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==

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Elain Edwards


BBC Cymru for S4C, 2005-06 (2 series)


Educational game show broadcast during the schools programmes slot on S4C.

A team of four pupils from a local school take part in two or three physical/research challenges that involve the local history and geography of their area. Their score determines part of the final round, which involves a catapualt (which they must put together themselves), a load of balloons filled with gunge (the number of balloons is determined by their score) and a huge target to which an unlucky member of the team is strapped onto whilst the others pelt him/her with said balloons.

And the outcome of the final round - NOTHING!


The title means Campervan.

The programme was popular enough to repeat in S4C's flagship Planed Plant slot at 4pm and appropriately enough, the presenter was former Planed Plant announcer Elain Edwards - who is now starting to disappear into obscurity.

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