Curious Creatures



Kate Humble


Team captains: Chris Packham and Lucy Cooke


Mighty Productions for BBC Two, 19 June 2017 to present


A panel game about animals.

Kate Humble asks difficult questions of Chris Packham and Lucy Cooke. Joined by a second panellist, the teams engage with rounds including:

  • Yay or Neigh - true-or-false questions.
  • Is it Bigger than a Chicken? - a Twenty Questions-style round, where "yes" responses earn a small piece of a photo of today's animal.
  • Who's the Daddy? - pictures of baby animals.
  • Life on Earth - a video clip, followed by a question.
  • Whose Poo? - deduce which animal left these droppings.
  • Pecking Order - put three species in order.

A correct answer will earn a part of a "Curious Creature", an animal made up from bits of other animals. This final round is the only scored one, and determines the day's winner.

Curious Creatures What is today's curious creature?

Set in a bright studio, the teams sit in front of video screens like on QI. Curious Creatures has a calm and sensible atmosphere, teams share what they know like in Eggheads. This is good, as the show airs immediately after Eggheads.

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