Don Moss (1978-83)

Jeremy Beadle (1983-85)


HTV West for ITV, 15 July 1978 to 27 August 1985


Two teams, consisting of a celebrity guest and a member of the public, played against each other for a chance to win a cash prize at the end of the show.

In each round the host would read a clue - in a cryptic crossword style - and a Hangman style grid was presented in front of the teams. One team was then asked to give a letter to the other team that they think was NOT in the puzzle (usually a Q or a Z). However, if the letter was in there then they lost control to the other team who would keep guessing letters until either they gave a wrong letter or they correctly guessed the phrase and won the round and scored points for their team.

The team with the most points at the end were declared the winners, while the losing team watched as the winners played for a cash prize.

In the cash round the team had 40 seconds to solve the puzzle and win £600. The downside was that every 5 seconds they lost £75 and more letters were added to the puzzle so the quicker the puzzle was solved the more money the member of the public would win. The losing contestant went away with a dictionary.

The programme went out on a Sunday afternoon in some regions; elsewhere it was shown on a Monday afternoon before CITV began.


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