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Produced in the UK in these years:



Morgan Jones and Elin Manahan Thomas (2017)


Rondo Media for S4C, 22 July 2017

S4C and BBC Scotland, 3 August 2019


A television contest for amateur choirs.

Each choir performs six minutes of music, in genres of their choice. There's one choir per Eurovision broadcaster. The show is judged by a jury of music industry professionals, there's no televoting. Winners get a recording deal.

The inaugral event was organised in association with the European Choir Games.

Very much what we would expect from a Eurovision choir contest, the serious business of singing allowed for some glitz and glamour. The choirs showed their personalities through staging and the choice of songs to sing.


The EBU's radio arm organises a distinct contest. Let the Peoples Sing finds a Euroradio Choir of the Year in sound only. The television and radio contests operate independently.

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