Fighting Talk



Johnny Vaughan


World's End for BBC2, 2004


TV version of The Vaughan's BBC Radio Five Live sporting debates show. Four people who write about, broadcast on and participate in sport (and Graham Taylor) compete for points doled out by Johnny for saying something aggressive, interesting or patriotic about a given sporting topic. Points are deducted for being dull, repetitive, unopinionated or plain wrong.

Various buttons are used by Vaughan to cue in sound effects and video stings (Land of Hope and Glory, a dripping tap, a crying baby) to signify his opinion on what the panellists are saying.

In the final round, Defend the Indefensible, the two top scorers have 20 seconds to put forward a positive argument for a ridiculous proposition, such as "Robert Mugabe should win Sports Personality of the Year".

All in all, quite a fresh take on the panel game genre but it could dearly do with an audience to provide some laffs.


Based on a BBC Radio Five Live format, itself similar to ESPN's Around the Horn.


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