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== Host ==
== Host ==

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Neil Buchanan (1991-1998)

Jeff Brazier (2006)


Diane Youdale (1998)


ITV, 1991-1998

The Foundation for CITV, 2006


"Whose house is it?"

"Scottish Television's House!" what children didn't cry during the ultimate kids fantasy gameshow.

In the studio is a huge house, and hidden inside each of the rooms is an object. Two teams of kids have to find the objects causing as much mess as possible whilst machines blow around lots of paper and fake snow and stuff. A memorable recurring object from the show is the big blue arrow that was shown on the screens to the audience to indicate the location of the item to be found.

In early series kids use to have to play for rooms by playing a memory game; later (when Diane Youdale was co-host) the kids had to find things in 'The Garage' first, which involved wading through a thick pool of "motor oil" to find mechanics' tools to match up on the wall. (The 2006 revival has reverted back to the original game.)

The team that did the best went through to the Supersearch, a sort of Treasure Hunt throughout the eight rooms in the house and if they can find all eight objects within four minutes they usually win a trip to Alton Towers or something. If not, at least the losers go home with a Finders Keepers Goodie Paaaaaack!


"It could be anywhere!" (Obvious statement, really.)

"Let's raid the room!" - 1991 to 1998

Host: "Whose house is it?"

Audience: "Our House!"

Host: "What time is it?" Audience: "Room-raiding time!"


Based on the US Nickelodeon show of the same name.

Theme music

Composed by Simon Etchell.


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