Gair am Aur



Sian Lloyd


S4C, mid-late 90s


Three contestants take it in turns to sit in the Cadair Aur (gold chair). Sian would ask a question and the audience would have to vote to predict if the contestant would get in Cywir (right) or Anghywir (wrong).

If they got it right, the money would increase by that percentage of audience who said they would get in right. For example, if the money started at £100 and 75% predicted that the contestant would answer correctly and they did so, the prize money went up to £175. If they got it wrong, the money went down.

Each first round went on for about 3 minutes per contestant. The one with the most money at the end would go through to the end game which was the same but with larger sums of money.


The show's name roughly translates as "Word for Gold" - i.e. the correct word would give you a chance to win money.

A children's version of the show was produced in 1998 called Gair Am Aur Iau


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