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"Excellent... very, very good indeed. Very thorough... goes into all areas of the game show."
Jeremy Beadle, BBC London radio show

"Your book exceeds all my expectations. I've studied a number of other authors on the subject, but none has captured both the broad sweep of workable concepts and the fine detail that shores up successful projects. I congratulate you most sincerely."
Bob Monkhouse (speaking in 2003)

Even though game show formats are sold every day for multi-million dollar sums, there hasn't been a serious analysis of how game shows are created... until now.

Written by one of the UK's leading games devisors, HOW TO DEVISE A GAME SHOW had a European launch at the Montreux festival and an international launch at the Banff festival.

What do you get? It's a 50,000 word report (approx. 150 A4 pages) available as an eBook - a comprehensive guide to developing new game show formats written to be accessible to the newcomer and detailed enough for professionals.

Sections include

  • Industry Overview - Why are game shows made? The rewards.
  • Generating Ideas - Sub-genres. Classic gaming principles.
  • Development Issues - People management. Law and regulations.
  • The Game Engine - Game mechanics, structure and content.
  • Entertainment Value - Hosts, celebrities, jeopardy, comedy.
  • The Paper Format - How to write one. Resale possibilities.
  • Format Protection - What steps can you take? Case studies.
  • Where to Sell - A guide to the increasing options available.
  • Future Developments - The impact of new technology.
  • Glossary - Full list of game show and television terminology.

While many business reports of this size and quality cost several hundred pounds, we have endeavoured to keep it accessible for individual devisors-to-be. While we cannot guarantee that you'll get a commission straight away, we do believe that this investment is excellent value for money given the amount of unique, detailed information in this report.


"How to Devise a Game Show by David J Bodycombe is an absolute godsend for anyone interested in developing a game show. It is a must read for any budding devisor. I was literally days away from pitching my format for the first time when I received this resource. I am eternally grateful to Mr Bodycombe for opening my eyes to many of the dangers surrounding the protection of a format, international distribution and costs of production. Without this report I am 100% certain that my pitch would have been a disaster!"
Andrew Paskin, Sydney

"I just wanted to say a few words on how useful your book has been in our endeavours... We are indebted to you for the information enclosed within your book as this has eased the pain of developing the TV game aspects of the idea and we have now lodged our format."
Barry Clent

"This excellent e-book describes the development process, including all the legal considerations, in great detail. I read this as a crash course in game show development over one weekend and managed to secure a spot in a competitive pitch situation against more established game show producers with the resulting proposal"
Nicola Lees, founder,

Comments from other readers include:
"Your book is an invaluable source of guidance and insight information! It confirmed that I am in the right track as to the work I have done up to now, which boosts my confidence to carry on, and it gives me the guidelines to move forward."
"I found the book not only very useful but also an entertaining read in its own right. It's well set out and well-written."
"Excellent in content and very informative"
"Your book was an enormous help to me"
"Great book! I like it very much"

Readers from all around the world have found this report of use. Previous purchasers include those from Italy, USA, South Africa, Australia, Finland, Bolivia, Nigeria, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Ireland and the UK.

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You will receive an "eBook" - an electronic version of the How to Devise a Game Show report in the PDF file format. You can view and print PDF files using the free Adobe Acrobat reader (download here if you don't have it). Orders are normally emailed to you within 24 hours.

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Download 16 sample pages (PDF format, 250kb) and judge for yourself. We guarantee there is no other publication like it on the market.

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