Glory Ball


Jean Anderson, James McCourt, Jayne Sharp, Nikki Cowan (rotating)


UMTV for Challenge, 2005


It seems Challenge flip-flops between two states of mind. Either it sticks to a regular "on the half-hour" schedule with everything starting at nice times, or it decides to go manic and have a zoo-style format with regular links of 5 to 15 minute programettes, such as the ill-fated Games Room.

Glory Ball, and the Lotto Daily Play draw it brings with it, is Challenge's latest attempt to muck up the schedules royally. It's broadcast five times a night from Monday to Saturday.

Winners of each segment can either choose to take a salary-busting £40 or the "Glory Ball Gamble", which gives them a random number between 1 and 27. If their number comes up in that particular evening's Daily Play live draw they win £200 - shurely enough to tell the boss where to stick your job on Monday.

Games include: Blow Up, Flash Attack, Sink or Swim, Famous Fives and the Phra$e That Pay$.

It seems a lot more coherent, and mercifully briefer, than previous attempts at games-based links than previous incarnations, but if they think we're tuning in to see Krypton Factor at 7.55pm, think on.

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