Hot Rods

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Zoe Salmon


Initial Scotland for CBBC on BBC Two, 30 August to 22 November 2008 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Two teams of three children play the game. They're given assorted tasks to perform against a time limit. Whether they succeed or fail, they must pull a rod from a rock containing lots of them. If the team succeeded in their original challenge, they score the points indicated on the rock; if they failed the challenge, these points go to the opposition. The difference between the two team's scores moves a marker along a line of prizes.

The team scoring the more points after four challenges plays on, hoping to win all the prizes they've picked, and possibly all the prizes their opponents picked. For this, they're drawing from five marked rods in the rock thing, hoping to avoid the Black Rod that means they'll leave with nothing.

Theme music

Marc Sylvan and Richard Jacques

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