It's Patently Obvious



Ian McNaught-Davies (1976-8)

Julian Pettifer (1980)


1976 team captains: William Woollard and Prof. Eric Laithwaire

1980 team captains: Wilf Makepeace-Lunn and Dr Deborah Swallow


BBC Bristol for BBC2, 2 April 1976 to 6 March 1980 (23 episodes in 3 series)


Panel game, first shown at 9pm on Wednesdays on BBC2 in the mid-to-late 70s (though, somewhat bizarrely, given a repeat run in 1989 for reasons we have yet to fathom), and presented by Ian McNaught-Davies. It was a sort of a Call My Bluff-style panel game for inventions, e.g. guessing what gadgets could be used for and when they were invented.

One particular example was when they wheeled on a photocopier, about the size and weight of a skip and which took about half an hour to make one (rather dirty) copy.

There was a final series was presented by Julian Pettifer. It was a move downmarket (there was now a studio audience - which I don't recall in the original series - and the panel were in two pairs, rather than 3 individuals) and Wilf Lunn appeared at some point. One of the teams was from a factory, such as the Rolls-Royce Aero Division.


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