Kitchen Sink to Catwalk



Uncredited Voiceover


Mentor: Scott Henshall


Thumbs Up Productions for Bio., 16 February to ? 2010


From the producers of Britain's Next Top Model, comes Britain's Next Top Model for the over 40's. Going against the typical trend in fashion, this series sets out with the admirable intention to prove that just because you're over 40, it doesn't mean you're past it, even in an industry dominated by youth.

During the course of the series, six women live together, as they complete a series of activities designed to help them make the transition from Kitchen Sink to Catwalk. These have included activities the like of which you might expect, such as modelling and photo-shoots, but also sessions on self-confidence, as well as various health and beauty treatments. As well as completing these activities, each episode sees the women given short tasks - for example having just five minutes to pick out an outfit for a given occasion - with them being given advice and tips afterwards.

After the completion of their course of activities, one of the six women is chosen as the winner, and receives representation by top modelling agency Models 1, and a feature spread in fashion magazine She.


Samantha Hughes

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